Anarchist News (November 2003)

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Anarchist News was an irregular bulletin published by the Workers Solidarity Movement, between issues of Workers Solidarity, in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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This issue was a reply to the Sunday Independent when it claimed that the WSM was “infiltrating” the campaign against the bin tax.  In fact the WSM had helped to form that campaign and the secretary for Dublin City was one of its members.

As the campaign against the new household tax – which includes the WSM and other anarchists among its organisers – is getting huge support, will we see a repeat of these ‘red scare’ tactics in 2012?

Cork Anarchist Conspiracy (October 2003)

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The Cork Anarchist Conspiracy was a local A5 magazine published by anarchists involved with the Cork Autonomous Zone (see page 5). A few were members of the Workers Solidarity Movement but most were not affiliated with any grouping. Four issues were produced from 2003 – 2005.

One of those involved gave this description: “The CAC was an initiative that brought together members of the WSM and other anarchists / libertarians in the Cork area in this period. It aimed to increase and enlarge the anarchist presence in the city and around.

Politically some of those involved were arguing for a more open, less restrictive membership basis for involvement in the CAC – this was very much posed in opposition to the WSM at the time which was viewed by some as being restrictive and dogmatic in a number of respects. The more ‘open’ broader interpretation of what constituted anarchism – that was CAC – was also an organisational formula for those in the group to do more work with one another.

Within the group there were different views on what should be the priorities for anarchists at that point. But we were unified by the feeling / belief that we would be better working together than separate.”

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This issue has articles on anarchism, privatisation, the CAZ, Crap Job of the Season (‘Oh Think Twice’ restaurant), Cycling and Wars, Skateboarders on collision course with City Council, and fighting the bin tax.