In 1997 a group of Cork socialists got together to put on events to mark the 60th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and the contribution of the Irish who went over to assist the fight against fascism. The No Pasaran committee was broad based and included Kevin Doyle of the Workers Solidarity Movement, and two history lecturers, Donal O’Driscoil and Fintan Lane, from University College Cork who had written for the WSM’s magazine Red & Black Revolution.

This inclusive composition was reflected in their tributes to anti-fascist fighters from the Communist Party of Ireland, the IRA and the anarchist movement. Among those veterans who spoke at their events were Michael O’Riordan and Peter O’Connor, Irish volunteers in the 15th International Brigade, and Nora Harkin of the Spanish Aid Committee.

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The first No Pasaran bulletin has an interview with Diego Camacho of the CNT, a tribute to Charlie Donnelly, and a short piece about Spanish solidarity with the Liverpool dockers.

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The second one has an interview with Nora Harkin, notice of a workshop on ‘Collectives in the Spanish Civil War’ and of a showing of Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom.